Shipping Information for C-Tech Battens

C-Tech SailBatten shipments are delivered around the world every week. The freight companies we work with are committed to supplying the best possible service at the lowest price.

Parcels Express Services
Provider Maximum Length Delivery to Door
DHL 2.99m 7-10 Working Days
FedEx IP (International Priority) 2.74m 3-5 Working Days
FedEx IE (International Economy) 2.74m 5-7 Working Days
Airfreight Delivery

Currently we have limited airfreight options for packages over 4.0m due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
Singapore Cargo are the only option for packages over 4.0m, and due to high demand and limited space on these cargo flights, current lead-times for air freight delivery have been extended to 5 – 10 working days (Airport to Airport). Please contact us for further information or quotations for airfreight packages/options.

Limited lengths to Caribbean destinations due to Aircraft types servicing these Islands.

Sea Freight
Destination Maximum Length To Port Delivery to Door Total
Europe 11.7m ~ 50 days 3-5 days 7-9 weeks Weekly service via Singapore
USA West Coast 11.7m ~ 18 days 3-5 days 3+ weeks Weekly service via L.A
USA East Coast 11.7m ~ 18 days 7-10 days 4+ weeks Weekly service via L.A
Caribbean 11.7m ~ 18 days 14-21 days 6+ weeks Weekly service via L.A
AUS 11.7m ~ 7 days 3-5 days 1-2 weeks Weekly service via L.A

Please enquire with your address to receive a shipping quote to door. (Please include zip codes where applicable)

If you have a shipping agent that can handle your clearance and delivery please advise on your enquire.

Air + Sea Freight
Routing Destination Maximum Length Total
AKL – Miami (Airfreight) Miami – Destination (Sea freight) 4m 6 weeks

Manufactured Lengths and Joins

All CT battens sections are made on mandrels with a limited length.

Joins are included as per the following tables.

CT22 – Max mandrel length 6.95m
Overall Batten Length Joins included
6.95m 1
CT33/36 – Max mandrel length 8.2m
Overall Batten Length Joins included
< 8.2m 0
> 8.2m 1
16.2m + 2
CT40 – Max mandrel length 9.75m
Overall Batten Length Joins included
< 9.75m 0
> 9.75m 1
19.3m + 2

If any additional joins are required on top of the number specified in the tables above, these will incur an additional charge. It is possible to shift the join in order to optimise shipping length. Two examples:

  1. An 11.6m CT33 batten can have the join positioned @ 5.8m (with a 5.8m back) in order to be air freighted. This would not incur the additional charge of an extra join
  2. A 12.5m CT36 batten being shipped @ 6m would require an extra join in order to be shipped. This would be in three sections: 5.8m Front 5.8m middle and 0.9m back. So one extra join would be charged. 50mm Packaging allowance is added to all batten lengths.
Joiner Types

Depending on the position of the joiner it will require an external joiner on top of the internal joiner.

A rough guide:

Distance of join from back Internal Joiner External Joiner
< 1.0m Yes No
> 1.0m Yes Yes
Manufacture Lead Times

These may vary. Please contact C-Tech.

All dates stated on Order verification and correspondence are when goods will be ready for shipping ex-works.