Whether you are cruising shorthanded or racing a superyacht, C-Tech’s patented* SnuffAir makes spinnaker handling effortless and safer for both your crew and yacht.


Safe Crew, Safe Boat

The soft and light weight system is easy to manoeuvre on deck and will not damage the rig, yacht or crew.

Easy Use and Storage

Easily fitted to any spinnaker the SnuffAir is quick to inflate/deflate and stores away in a small hatch or inside the spinnaker bag.

Durable Construction

The patented system uses high spec materials to deal with heat, friction and chafe challenges ensuring a rugged lasting product.

*[Patent 2396218, US Patent 9254903]


The correct SnuffAir size is determined by the spinnaker area and leech length. As a guide sizes 01, 02 and 03 use a rope pocket system and sizes 04 and 05 use a sock with hoops using a halyard to deploy a spinnaker. We can help spec the right size for your yacht.

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SnuffAir Code Spinnaker Size (m2) Max Spin Leech (m) Sock Tube
Circumference (mm)
Bladder ID (mm) Bladder OD (mm) Control Line
Diameter (mm)
Approx. Packed
Bag Size (cm)
SNUFF01C 100-199 < 21 1150 430 x 300 650 x 520 10 60 x 40 x 17
SNUFF01D 200-399 < 24 1400 575 x 300 855 x 580 10 60 x 40 x 25
SNUFF02R 400-599 < 33 1880 735 x 310 1100 x 650 10 60 x 40 x 42
SNUFF03R 600-1099 < 45 2340 945 x 395 1335 x 735 12 60 x 40 x 45
SNUFF04H 1100-1799 < 55 2750 1150 x 490 1540 x 835 12 80 x 78 x 33
SNUFF05BH 1800-2400 > 55 3240 1290 x 660 1760 x 1100 12 98 x 98 x 23
SNUFF05BHx2 2400+ > 65 3240 1290 x 660 1760 x 1100 12 98 x 98 x 38

R = Rope pocket with up/down control line

H = Hoops, down line only

01C, 01D


02 - 05



No hard edges swinging above deck so improved crew safety and less potential for damage to mast, rig, spinnaker, paintwork, deck gear and equipment aloft.

5x smaller than traditional hoop systems so there is significant space saving below deck and no restrictions on hatch size.

Safe to operate, as release valve prevents over inflating.

Compatible with existing on-board inflation systems.

Deflates quickly and can be dropped down the fore hatch.

Light and easy to use, easier to manage on deck when handling the spinnaker.

Chafe-guard provides a slippery surface for hoisting and dropping the spinnaker.

System packs away and leaves deck clear when not in use so it is easy to store.

Size 02- 05

Size 01D

Key Features

Chafe Guard

(Size 01)

Size 01 chafe guards have been designed to perform two functions – protect the bladder and provide a slippery entry for the spinnaker into the system. After many design iterations the result is a lightweight system that is built to last. The bladder is accessible through a discreet zip opening so it can be serviced.

(Size 02, 03, 04, 05)

C-Tech has developed specific materials to deal with the demands and durability of heat resistance. PTFE provides a slippery surface for the spinnaker to run over during hoists and drops.

There is also a heat insulation layer inside that reduces the build-up of heat.


(Size 01C and 01D Bladder)

These feature a universal Boston valve. Use a boat/kite pump or compressed air to rapidly inflate/deflate the snuffer.

The bladder can be replaced through the zip access points. Recommended inflation pressure is 6PSI.

(Size 02,03,04,05 Bladder)

Compatible with existing on-board dinghy/sup inflation systems the bladder comes with a standard bayonet inflation connector with a ¼” BSP female thread.

A pressure relief valve set to 10PSI ensures correct pressure is reached and the bladder cannot be overinflated. Inflates in seconds using boats compressor so can be inflated/deflated between hoists.

Sock with Sightline

A coloured sightline along the length of the sock assists crew to see twists and also helps when packing kite especially in race situation. Spinnaker sock material is a breathable polyester and has excellent heat resistant properties.

Control Line Pocket System

This system allows deployment and snuffing using only the links supplied with the SnuffAir. It also prevents sock prolapse.

The pocket is made from anti-burn materials. This system suits spinnaker leech lengths of up to 40-45m.

Hoops and Separate Halyard System

This system is used when the sock length becomes longer than 40-45m. Friction of the control line is completely eliminated by removing the rope pocket. Instead the SnuffAir is pulled up directly by using the gant line or fractional halyard on the boat.

Hoops keep the sock open and stack on each other to prevent prolapse.

Zip Attachment

The chafe-guard attaches the inflatable bladder to the spinnaker sock with zips. The modular interchangeability makes servicing the system easy.

Head Strops

All dyneema strops are individually load tested and come with a neoprene cover for protection. The integral dogbone is used for quick attachment to the spinnaker.
Systems with the control line rope pocket have a block included in the strop.

Strop Lengths
01C, 01D 300mm
02 400mm
03 500mm
04 600mm
05 800mm
05B 1000mm

Bladder Patch Repair Kit

Size 02, 03, 04 ,05 bladders are supplied with a patch repair kit in case of bladder damage. A PVC adhesive used for repairing inflatable boats is recommended, to apply these patches. C-Tech recommends using Polymarine PVC Adhesive.

We're ready to meet your specific SnuffAir requirements.

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